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    Are you frustrated by the lack of resources you have to grow your business?


    It is not always necessary to increase your labor force to grow your business. By focusing on streamlining and fine-tuning your existing resources, Choice Industrial Solutions can help you increase your operational efficiency and improve your profitability. We look at five areas that can help you increase your productivity:

    • Machining & finishing
    • Workholding
    • Coolant/lubricant management
    • Material flow & workstations
    • Procurement

    Machining & Finishing


    New tooling and programming techniques improve productivity and parts quality, reduce your direct labor cost per part, and help you meet the increasing quality demands and on-time delivery requirements of your customers. Choice Industrial Solutions specializes in:

    • Tool selection
    • Training



    Streamline workholding with new tools and techniques for enhanced cost savings and increased throughput. An effective and efficient workholding setup will reduce:

    • Setup time
    • Scrap
    • Run-time
    • Operator fatigue

    And, will increase:

    • Ergonomics
    • Parts quality
    • Tool life
    Give us a call today to start improving efficiency and increasing profitability, (800) 229-5910.
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    “I want to thank you for solving some issues here with our insert mills. We were using Mitsubishi 2 flute mills with a .9899 diameter. These were obnoxiously loud and produced harmonics that would spike the spindle load meter up to about 45%. The new Pramet 3 flute 1″ diameter insert mill that you gave me to test works like a charm. I ran it in place of the Mitsubishi at the same speed, feed, radial depth, and Z depth. It sounded much quieter and only loaded the spindle at around 20%. I was able to feed the Pramet mill 40% faster and reduced my cycle time considerably. I am so impressed with this tool that I am keeping it and ordered 4 more to replace the old tools. Oh, and the Pramet inserts are much more affordable too!”
    – Chad, Machine Shop Supervisor

    We can help you with . . .

    Machining & Finishing

    • Selecting the best tools for your application
    • Implementing current best practices to optimize your throughput
    • Evaluating problems and opportunities that impact productivity and quality
    • Develop processes that focus on consistent results to minimize inspection time and scrap


    • Evaluating workholding options to minimize your setup time
    • Addressing the issues of deflection, and part movement to maximize quality and productivity
    • Addressing potential ergonomic issues for your operators